• South Carolina Recovery Housing Association

South Carolina's Recovery Housing Sector

The Recovery Housing sector is South Carolina is much like the wild west in that there is no real connection between operators, no real training for operators or program employees, and no real resource to go to for help. This Association will fill the gaps that currently exist in this area within the State of South Carolina. The goal is to create an inclusive network of providers that want to help each other and work together to share hard won experiential knowledge.

There will also be focus on including evidence-based practices particularly around trainings that will be offered. There is a wealth of training topics readily available from having operators and employees becoming Certified Peer Support Specialists to diversity trainings.

Communication is at the core of what we do to inspire change in those with whom we work, these trainings will help with communication skills. Diversity training is important because everyone who comes to a recovery residence program in South Carolina needs to feel welcome and safe. Training around multiple pathways is also important to promote a feeling of safety and inclusion. There is a great need for Recovery Housing operators to be connected and share information.

There is a need to share and build on the experiential knowledge with appropriate trainings to increase the quality of service provided to one of the most vulnerable populations in our state. Our job as providers is to protect and support those we serve. By strengthening this Association, we can share resources and grow the recovery in South Carolina.

Written By: Nicole Criss, CPSS